With the sun shining and the temperatures being quite high we had the perfect day to start excavating Dealul Guran. Our first step was to empty last year’s trench, find the profiles and prepare everything for extending the excavation area.

Nina working on her birthday

Nina working on her birthday

By doing so we also attracted four kids’ attention. They pretented to play and after having circled around us for quite a while they were finally sitting right next to the excavation area watching us sweeping the ground and doing other seemingly absurd things.

The finished shower (no, we're not kidding)

The finished shower (no, we’re not kidding)

Today it’s also Nina’s birthday. Although she doesn’t know yet, the cook’s preparing her favourite Romanian food and we’re going to finish the dinner with cake and baklava. Happy birthday Nina! (She’ll hate me for writing that, but I’ll withstand her anger.)

Kristin, Mathias & Nina