Last week we were invited to dinner by the mayor of Peştera. Valentin Vrabie (watch him and pictures taken in the Comuna Peştera on YouTube), and several other local officials awaited us at an well-laid table in the town hall. We were given a two-course menue together with wine and Pálinka. Afterwards we were asked for a dance that led to a long and cheerful night.

During this entertaining and eventful hours we realized that the people of Peştera are somewhat proud of the fact that they now can date human presence at this very location to at least Marine Isotope Stage 11 (see Iovita et al., in press, Antiquity) which to many proves it to be “the oldest village in the country”. This impression later got confirmed when we found out that a local newspaper covered our project. If you can read Romanian, have a look at the article.

In fact we feel very welcomed here. Not only do we buy milk and eggs from our neighbours, but locals also assist us in various ways. The first day they built a shower for us and recently a helpful resident sharpened our tools.

Sharpening our tools

Sharpening our tools

Thank you Peştera!

Check back for soon to be posted updates on the excavation and the survey!