On Thursday it was time for us to pack up our tents, equipment, finds and samples. The field season 2012 is over and we said our goodbyes to everyone.

Thank you Peştera for making us feel welcome over those last five weeks!

Part of our group left by train to various next locations, while some took the cars with all our gear back to Bucharest.

On the way back we made some little stops though. The abbot of the Dervent Monastery had offered us a tour of the Monastery and we gladly took him up on it. He even gave each of us a bottle we could fill up with healing water from the holy spring.

Dervent Monastery

Dervent Monastery

Next we drove to the Bulgarian border, parked our cars, took a nice walk across and had a drink in a Bulgarian café as well as a look at the city centre and of course the archaeological attractions of Silistra.

Radu and Nina in Silistra

Radu and Nina in Silistria

After we walked back into Romania we took a ferry across the Danube and drove straight back to Bucharest,were everything we brought with us had to be unloaded (Adrians office looks quite packed right now.)

View from the ferry

View from the ferry

We all had a great time during the last couple of weeks, we met new people and gathered new experiences. Though, by now, most are already back home or on their way there will be one more post to come, so stay tuned 😉