This year in April and May, the team returned to the Pestera Valley to enlarge one of the test-pits at the site of Dealul Guran, discovered in 2010 on a hill near the village of Pestera.

Approach to the Dealul Guran site

As last year, we were again based in Adamclisi, with the crew formed of students from the University of Mainz staying in the dig-house used by the University of Bucharest Roman excavation,and the lab being housed in the Museum of Archaeology of Adamclisi.

Digging in the rain…

We excavated a step test-trench at the site in order to find the vertical extent of the site, as well as the contact between the modern and ancient slopes. Despite some bad weather, we were able to reach all of our fieldwork goals for this season, including a whole program of OSL dating. We are currently working on publishing the results, after which more details will appear here as well.

And, we managed to have a bit of fun too. We were invited guests of honor to the Festival of the Village of Pestera, complete with kuresh, or Tatar wrestling, from which you can see some of the highlights below. It was quite a spectacle!

Tatar wrestling at Pestera’s annual Festival


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